University of Colorado Boulder

Department of Paranormal and Extraterrestrial Studies

Paranormal Phenomena Research Lab


The Paranormal Explorations Lab, directed by Professor Loveaft, researches the application of paranormal phenomena for the benefit of humanity. In particular, we explore how paranormal phenomena can apply to a variety of subjects, ranging from medicine and health, to engineering, to a variety of complex diagnostics out of the lab and into the home.

Successful development of this research depends on the contributions of many disciplines: computer science, nanotechnology, biology and microbiology, genetics, social science, art and more. Taking an open source and collaborative approach, we create a broad and diverse community that can contribute to the success of this experimental and cutting-edge research by sharing ideas or submitting experiments to be run in the lab. This approach to the unknown is a major shift away from current norms, so as we explore the potential of this new approach to what we do not understand, we are also exploring more inclusive and democratic models for research and development.


Professor Akred Henley

Professor Tula Schwarz

Professor Grimm Loveaft