University of Colorado Boulder

Department of Paranormal and Extraterrestrial Studies

About DPES


The Department of Paranormal and Extraterrestrial Studies is committed to its three primary goals.

  1. To advance knowledge of the mysterious through targeted research and development programs.
  2. To educate the next generation of paranormal and extraterrestrial experts.
  3. To promote the next evolution of the human race by increasing our knowledge of things previously unknown.


The DPES official motto is "praeteritum ad astra", which is Latin that roughly translates to "Beyond the Stars". We at the DPES believe that the sky or the stars are not our limit, indeed, we believe that humanity can go much farther than the limitations of this physical domain. So we encourage our research teams, professors, and students to go farther than they thought possible, into the realm of the unknown, and grasp the power laid within.