University of Colorado Boulder

Department of Paranormal and Extraterrestrial Studies

DPES Undergrad, Asterius Meudon, earns prestigious Ares Project Scholarship

Last semester, over 200 undergrads from across the nation competed for the Ares Project Scholarship, but only one of them can take home the prize. We are honored to announce that DPES junior Asterius Meudon was the victor of the scholarship competition!

The Ares Project hosts this scholarship competition every year to get new ideas for its military products, that allow surveillance, defense, and offense using paranormal measures. For their project entry in the competition, Asterius built a prototype EMF reader using only materials that are commonly available in war-zones. This combination of paranormal detection and eco-friendly design was lauded by the judging committee, seen as a step towards achieving the companies ecological impact goals.

Trevor Rath, the head of the Ares Project's college outreach division, had this to say:

"We were incredibly impressed by Asterius' submission and were thrilled by its innovation. We know that ecological impact is a strong value of CU Boulder students so we were not surprised by this inspired combination. The Ares Project looks forward to implementing a version of Asterius' prototype for field use, and if they are ever looking for an internship to match their primordial calling, we will be happy to welcome them."