University of Colorado Boulder

Department of Paranormal and Extraterrestrial Studies

The DPES Welcome the Class of 1999

Congratulations to the new Department of Paranormal and Extraterrestrial Studies class of 1999! The department will be welcoming its newest and largest set of students this fall. 23 undergraduates are joining our program and will no doubt be valuable additions to our community.

Department Director Dr. Zeus invites the new students to participate in the valuable work that the department does with the statement below:

"Welcome students! You represent the next generation of paranormal researchers, extraterrestrial experts, and most importantly, advocates of the unknown. In your next four years of study you will learn from experts on ghost anatomy, meta-physics, multi-dimensional beings, and more. These esteemed faculty are here to guide you on your journey of discovering the hidden things that much of society is too fearful of to truly embrace.
What we do here at the DPES is not only important for you, or for the university which grudgingly allows us on its campus. The work we do is important primarily for the health and progression of the entire human race. You are now the forefront of a new movement that will forever shape the way that the best parts of humanity live, operate, and thrive. Your bravery and courage in choosing to major in PES is to be commended. Praeteritum ad astra!"