University of Colorado Boulder

Department of Paranormal and Extraterrestrial Studies

Time Traversal, Alteration, and Control (TTAC)


The Time Traversal, Alteration and Control (TTAC) lab is led by the esteemed and award winning Doctor Zeus Karrion. With more than 20 years of experience in the fields of special relativity and meta-physics, Dr. Zeus is uniquely qualified to head up the pursuits of the lab. The TTAC has been involved in research studying time dilation, fourth dimension theory, and creating new technologies to better study and control time flow.

The TTAC is one of the more prestigious and well funded labs in the DPES. While its purpose is often misunderstood by administration, its goal of furthering humanities evolution is one that should be advanced, not bogged down by administrative red tape. Only the highest achieving professors, researchers, and students have the honor of serving in TTAC. They have a spirit of scientific excellence and a determination to advance the species that rivals the best of any institution.


Dr. Zeus Karrion - Head of the lab

Dr. Steph Yande

Dr. Valentina Vadik

Quote from Dr. Zeus:

"From electricity, to biology, to gravity itself, humanity has conquered these natural forces according to its will. The forces of time are no different and will similarly bend their knees. I will ensure this next step in human progress is achieved by any means necessary. Praeteritum ad astra"

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